Book of fencing skills – P. H. Mair 1540-1550 e-Book

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An English translation of Paulus Hector Mair´s Opus amplissimum de arte athletica covering all long sword techniques from two original German and Latin versions. 136 techniques with marvelous depictions painted by Jorg Breu the younger - famous renessaince artist.


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Work of P. H. Mair is so far the greatest work on the theme of knightly art and it´s disciplines. More than 2000 pages of the original three volumes made as manuscripts served as a foundation for this English translation of long sword sections. This book is a beatiful compendium of 136 techniques described in two volumes. It covers bacisally all long sword techniques presented by Mair in his work. This book contains also an unique biography based on research of Paul von Stetten and P. H. Mairs personal memoars. The book is hard cover with high end quality paper.