Book of fencing skills

Book of fencing skills

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Book of fencing skills is a translation of part of Paulus Hector Mair's masterpiece - Opus amplissimum de arte athletica - from around 1550 concerning long-sword fencing. Format: A4 Language: English Pages: 188

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The text is a compilation of two German versions of the Dresden and Vienna manuscripts. This way you get a complete description of fencing with a long sword from the greatest work on fencing in our known history. The book also contains an apparatus of explanations and a dictionary of fencing terms necessary for orientation in the text. Paulus Hector Mair was a great supporter of knightly arts and for his passion he did not hesitate to embezzle money from the city coffers, for which he eventually paid with his life. You can read more in the CV, which is part of the book. Your library will be decorated not only with textbooks by famous masters of the long sword, but also with a beautiful A4 book with a sewn binding on quality paper.


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