Ringen the wrestling art of Fabian von Auwerswald

Ringen the wrestling art of Fabian von Auwerswald

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The old "book in the" new "coat is here! .Czech translation of the wrestling art of the famous master Fabian of Auerswald (first published in 1539)Format: A5Language: EnglishPages: 92

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Fabian von Auerswald´s wrestling art is one of the "must have" books for everyone who is interested in the tradition of western martial arts and the heritage of European culture.

Beautiful book illustrated by Lucas Cranach elder and his son. Written by one of the best wrestlers of the end of 15th century!

This English version is almost a word to word translation from the original old German. The author of this translation is also a Ringen practitioner and a fencer. Reader will thus receive a refined material not only for studies of the medieval wrestling.

We kept the original layout and graphic design. Every depiction was processed and cleaned to bring it in the best form to the reader.

Format A5, hard cover, with a secret hint given by Lucas Cranach on the cover picture!

All 85 wrestling moves supplemented by an authors preface.

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