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Tome of fencer`s skills - NEW

Tome of fencer`s skills - NEW

We are a publishing house that specializes in publishing original historical fencing and wrestling textbooks. We only make books to order.

The production of individual titles has two phases. The first is the announced period for collecting orders, when clients fill out their order and pay. The second phase is the production and distribution itself to the house.

The order is active from the moment the amount is paid.

Our books are faithfully translated in order to provide the reader with the most accurate information contained in the original. We also often choose a historical font so that the impression of the work is as authentic as possible and the reader can enjoy an undisturbed study, as if it were in the period from which the print or manuscript originates.


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    Tome of fecncer´skills is a translation of part of Paulus Hector Mair's masterpiece - Opus...

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