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We honour the art of our ancestors

We honour the art of our ancestors

Our company Guildam Gladiatorum s.r.o. was founded in 2017, with the aim of publishing accurate historical manuals on the art of European knightly culture in the Middle Ages. We also set out to teach and train our students in the field of European martial arts.

So far, we have published:

Joachym Meyer – Gruntliche beschreibung ...1570. The whole work has been divided into four individual books. Each book is bilingual and therefore it was necessary to divide it into separate volumes.

This book has been published both in the original black and white version, also in colour, reviving the coloured manuscript which is kept in Leipzig library. These books have been printed only in the Czech/Old German translation.

J. Meyer in colour


The wrestling art of Fabian von Auerswald

This title was published both in the Czech and English languages.

Wrestling Fabiancontent

Book of fencing skills

P. H. Mair

A wonderful project reflecting the high end of polygraphed work. A beautiful reproduction of the art of Long Sword, partly made in the form of a compilation. All long sword moves in one book.

book of fencing skillscontent

The author of translations is Petr Turya, along with his friends and co-workers Stuart Quayle, Phil Aubrey and Maximilian Powik.

Petr Turya is a martial arts enthusiast with more than twenty four years of experience in this field. Petr's European martial arts training began in 1997. He is still active in wrestling/Ringen and fencing with all knightly weapons.

Over the years we have published and delivered to our customers about five thousand books. With each new project, the number of books published is increasing. Our aim is to bring the best to our customers and allow everyone who is interested in this field to study the ancient art of fencing/wrestling, with the help of our publications.


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