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Petr Matoušek - translator | wrestler

Petr Matoušek - translator | wrestler

About us
The founder of the Fencersguild project is Petr Matoušek (*1979), a translator, fencer and wrestler. The idea of publishing translations of historical textbooks is a consequence of the absence of these works in the Czech language. Gradually came the need to process these works into English.

We currently specialize in medieval and renaissance works, written in Old German.
After more than ten years of working with original sources, we have a well-developed topic and related areas of interest. Terminology, typology of weapons used in the period from which the individual books are written.

Thanks to practical reconstruction and active practice, our translations have both authentic and practical value. Everything that is described in our books, we have personally studied and practically tried.
We share the joy of the results of our research with all those who are interested in it and could enjoy the beauty of knightly art as much as we do.